I start to study English vocabulary mean.

The ultimate goal is reading newspaper written in English till try not to use a dictionary. Thereby I bought dictionary for learn words. The dictionary use into translation from difficult word to simple words. If still don't understand word then need to translation from English-Japanese dictionary to Japanese word. If less than words I remember then it understanding. Afterwards I need to learn conjunctive adverbs.

it's easy to said however difficult to used by things

I seem to written to easy, but I had to check every words.
Also very long time think for sentence. In some cases one sentence takes 10 minutes. It maybe wrong, however meaning be transmitted to someone. Better than not write English.

I feel light when carried up heavy things.

I feel light one day when carried up heavy things yesterday.

I carried up heavy soil. To maker flowers garden. I need to ride soil package on arms. From there drop out soil into garden. It's hard work very tired me. However growing beautiful flowers must do it.

Between two days to three have muscle pain. But the good news is feeling light carrying up heavy things. If keep on this cycle increased on muscle.

Be beautiful flowers and changed by beautiful body.

I want to keep on write English Diary.

I want to writing as "Diary of Praying Anne's" by this word-press.
For example I couldn't be writing story in case of Japanese though funny by English. Next by study English vocabulary and syntax. Use here for. English is very hard by Japanese, however I don't give up the study.